Office of Institutional Research

Course Reporting System

Section 1

The Course Reporting System (CRS) is UCI's web based system used for compiling instructional workload and building and room usage statistics. Data from CRS is used to produce reports on faculty workload. Instructional activity reports, which are submitted to the UC Office of the President, provide a summary of courses and enrollments as well as the balance of workload among instructor types. Instructional load reports provide a summary of courses and their sponsoring department (in case of ladder ranked faculty). These and other reports produced from data in CRS are integral in budget planning and resource allocation decisions. CRS data is also a primary source for campus planning and decision making, used to support the funding, planning, and development of additional buildings, classrooms, laboratory space, etc.

CRS Coordinators help ensure that the data in CRS is more accurate and more complete than that contained in WebSOC, and thus play an integral role in the data audit process, and the credit their department and faculty receive for instructional contributions to the campus. 

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