Campus Data

UC Irvine College Portrait

To help current and prospective students and their families better understand what UC Irvine has to offer, the UCI College Portrait (PDF) presents a wide variety of information about UCI, including: enrollments; degree offerings; cost of attendance; retention and graduation rates; undergraduate admissions; student housing; campus health and safety; student experiences and perceptions; and learning outcomes. To make comparisons with other institutions easier, it uses a format similar to the College Portrait developed as part of the Voluntary System of Accountability. The UCI College Portrait is updated each Fall.

Common Data Set (CDS)

Originally developed as a collaboration among the College Board, Peterson's, U.S. News & World Report, and the higher education community, the Common Data Set (commonly referred to as CDS) is a set of common data items often requested by publishers of college guidebooks, with standard definitions of terms and a specific set of counting rules. This standard format makes the CDS useful for comparisons across institutions. We publish a new version of the CDS each year, usually in the Winter Quarter. The following versions of the CDS are currently available:

2016-17 (PDF)    2015-16 (PDF)      2014-15 (PDF)    2013-14 (PDF)    2012-13 (PDF)       
2011-12 (PDF)    2010-11 (PDF)      2009-10 (PDF)    2008-09 (PDF)    2007-08 (PDF)     

UC Irvine Strategic Indicators

The UC Irvine Strategic Indicators (PDF) contains a variety of data about UC Irvine's rankings in The Top American Research Universities reports; undergraduate student demand and enrollment; undergraduate student quality; undergraduate graduation rates; selected results from the UCUES survey; campus revenues by fund source; total research and development expenditures; appointments of new faculty; numbers of faculty; student-faculty ratios; and private support.

UC Accountability Report

The UC Accountability Report (offsite) provides an annual comprehensive assessment of the University's progress in meeting key teaching, research and public service goals across its ten campuses. The data it contains inform the University's strategic planning, budgeting and performance management, as well as helps the governing Board of Regents identify the most important policy issues facing UC. The report is updated and published annually; sub-reports issued throughout the year explore specific areas of the University's enterprise in more depth.