Analyses and Reports  

Student Highlights by California County

The County Reports highlight key attributes of students, such as demographics, admissions and enrollment statistics, financial aid, and degrees awarded, by California county or region for the most recent Fall term. 

Five-year Enrollment Trend Profiles

The following reports present a high-level view of student enrollment trends over the past five years across various categories:
     New Freshmen (PDF)               New Transfers (PDF)       New Graduates (PDF)
     Total Undergraduates (PDF)     Total Graduates (PDF)    Total Enrollment (PDF)

Survey of Graduating Seniors

During Spring Quarter each year, OIR administers a survey to students who have graduated or who are expected to graduate during the current academic year. The survey instrument is based on the Graduating Senior Survey designed by the Undergraduate Outcomes Work Group of the Association of American Universities Data Exchange (AAUDE), and was based on the recommendations of the AAU Institutional Data Committee. The survey's questions are focused on outcomes (employment and the pursuit of advanced education), satisfaction with the educational experience, and education-related debt. Beyond the core set of AAUDE questions, UCI's survey also includes additional items suggested by the Provost's Management Group in 2008 as well as other campus stakeholders, such as Student Affairs (added in 2012-13).

Executive summary                                                 Detailed survey results
2011-12 through 2016-17 surveys (PDF)                 2011-12 through 2016-17 surveys (PDF)